Custom Laminated Products


Laminating provides a very wide range of glass options.


Combinations of glass can provide safety, security, strength, solar control, energy efficiency, decoration and special effects.


Toughened laminated glass is suitable for a variety of applications – Windows, doors, overhead canopies, balustrades, pool fences, special doors, partitions and feature panels. Engineered solutions, like glass roofs, glass floors & step treads for stair cases can also be manufactured.


Lamination can include annealed, heat strengthened, toughened or toughened heat soaked glass.


Standard lamination is available using 0.38mm, 0.76mm and 1.52mm PVB interlayer.


EVA interlayer is also available for special applications

Projects involving intruder resistant / structural interlayer, digitally printed graphic inserts can be considered. Fritted inserts are also a speciality.


Multi laminates are available


All Chevron Toughened Glass conforms to Australian Standard AS/NZS 2208 “Safety Glazing Materials in Buildings”


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Custom Laminated Glass

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